The lavender cottage is beautifully located by a meadow. We have a nice and natural growing garden where you’ll find lilacs, peonies and rhubarb. The size of the cottage is 807 ft2 and it has been refurbished with love and care. Every detail is important to us. The materials used are linseed oil, resin, tar, linen yarn, hemp and linseed oil paint.


A spacious and lovely room with linseed oil coated wooden beams in the ceiling and the tongued and grooved board walls have been painted white. The beds have a high level of comfort and the bed sheets are hand embroidered with cotton lace along the sides. We call the sleeping area of the loft “The Maid’s Room” and the other part of the room is a resting area that we call “The Farmhands Corner”. Lay down among velvet cushions and look out across the meadow while resting wrapped in a blanket.


Downstairs there’s a family room with a beautiful iron stove. Build a fire if and when you like and rest in comfortable chaise lounge chairs. Enjoy the silence or quiet SPA music. We have made a deliberate choice of not having a TV or laptop in order to escape the technological everyday life for a little while.


The bathroom is large and spacious and has a shower cabin, an old-fashioned commode and a toilet. Here you’ll find everything you’ll need when it comes to full body hygiene products – and of course, everything smells of lavender.